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Key Travel Booking Portal

ESCP Business School London is collaborating with our travel partner Key Travel to provide a travel booking portal offering beneficial fares for students. ESCP Business School is not mandating the use of the Key Travel portal, but you might find it of interest as these fares are discounted, often have additional luggage allowances, and are flexible. To access this service, read the terms and conditions and register using our form below. 

The Key Travel booking portal will provide you with the following:

  • access to academic rates (often discounted) as well as public fares

  • increased flexibility

  • discounted or waived cancellation and change fees on academic fares (depending on the terms and conditions of the ticket)

  • additional baggage allowance (depending on the ticket terms and conditions of the ticket)

  • 24/7 support for all bookings.

You don’t have to use the Key Travel portal to book your flights even if you register your interest using the form below.

Important to know: If you have any difficulties using the Key Travel portal, please contact Key Travel directly. Note that you have to book your travel at least 7 days prior to the departure date to benefit from this service.

Contact details:


Phone: +44 (0)207 843 9630

WhatsApp message: +44 207 843 9602

SMS message: +44 7860 019411

This service is currently only available for ESCP London students, valid for one academic year, and you must be logged in with your student email address to access the form.

Create your profile now via this
secured link

The travel booking service is provided by Key Travel. ESCP Business School London campus is not involved in the actual booking process, logistically or financially and does not earn a commission. While Key Travel is an ESCP London travel partner, please ensure you read and understand their service terms and conditions as you would with any service supplier.

ESCP Business School will need to share the personal data you provide in this form with Key Travel so that they can register you and give you access to the travel portal. We will do this in a secure way.

Key Travel will not use your personal data for any other purposes and will only keep it for as long as necessary


View the Privacy Notice for Key Travel, including details on how they collect and use data.

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